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SCP Academy

SCP Academy is a premier IT educational center in Limassol, CY aiming to educating and training employees and students in highly demand courses like Microsoft , Amazon, Android ATC, Cisco Academy, and Cyber security Academies, PECB, Python Institute. Upon the completion of the training courses, they provide globally recognized certificates to their students. Their educational processes are based on the Instructor-Led training, Live-Online Trainings, Video training, Virtual labs, and Online self paced courses. SCP Academy is dedicated to delivering the latest technological courses through innovation and new pedagogical processes. Their main vision is to be the IT training leader that delivers trainings with with the latest technologies. For more information about their IT trainings, please visit their website at https://www.scp.ac.cy/.

SQL Training - An Evergreen Tech Skill to Learn

The scope of jobs in the field of data administration, development and analysis have increased to  great extent. It has opened up opportunities for many looking to pursue their career in this field. However, to be successful  in the fields of data administration, development or analysis, you need to master the skills of Structured Query Language (SQL). SQL skills help in developing and maintaining complex data and database solutions. 

Are you looking for SQL training in Cyprus? Or wish to join database training courses in Cyprus? Then consider us, SCP Academy for the same! At SCP Academy we make learning SQL simple and effective with the right approach. We not only teach SQL to our students but make them understand the different aspects of learning SQL. We make them understand what to learn and how to learn SQL. With our guidance and your dedication you can master the SQL skills and get certification to become a database professional successfully. 

Before you join our SQL training, we would like you to know the basics of the language so that you can grasp the training much better. 

Introduction to SQL

SQL is a standard programming language that is used for designing, creating and managing relational databases. A relational database system comprises of sets of tables having rows and columns of data. Each column within the table represents a particular data category for instance student's name, contact or address. Similarly, each row contains the data values for the intersecting column. 

What SQL Serves?

There are several functions that SQL serves in the daily operations of any data company. The functions include:

  • Modification of Database index and table structure
  • Operations for adding, updating and deleting rows of data
  • Retrieval  of information from databases for processing and analysing transactions
  • Generation of tables

SQL has been there for past 5 decades and is still in demand for tech field and will be essential for years to come. SQL helps in making the transition to other languages such as Python and JavaScript easier, hence is considered as the universal coding language. 

You need not have to be a programming pro to learn SQL. In fact SQL training in Cyprus with us is a great way to enter the world of programming. Our mentors are professionally trained and hence offer the most efficient database training courses helping people learn the technology more efficiently. 

At SCP Academy we provide two database training courses in Cyprus that include Course DP-080T00: Querying Data with Microsoft Transact-SQL and Exam DP-300: Administering Relational Databases on Microsoft Azure. To learn more about these courses and enrolling with us, contact us today.

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