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SCP Academy

SCP Academy is a premier IT educational center in Limassol, CY aiming to educating and training employees and students in highly demand courses like Microsoft , Amazon, Android ATC, Cisco Academy, and Cyber security Academies, PECB, Python Institute. Upon the completion of the training courses, they provide globally recognized certificates to their students. Their educational processes are based on the Instructor-Led training, Live-Online Trainings, Video training, Virtual labs, and Online self paced courses. SCP Academy is dedicated to delivering the latest technological courses through innovation and new pedagogical processes. Their main vision is to be the IT training leader that delivers trainings with with the latest technologies. For more information about their IT trainings, please visit their website at https://www.scp.ac.cy/.

Benefits of Microsoft Training for Employees As Well As Employers

Are you working in the IT field? Or wish to pursue a career in the IT field? Then you need to understand how essential Microsoft training and certification is for having a successful professional life. Though not all but many employers swear by these certifications. There are several perks of Microsoft training and certifications not only for the employees but also for the employers. 

Get your dream job or promotion in your current job by joining Microsoft training Cyprus courses today. Apart from that reap a myriad of benefits with an authentic and comprehensive Microsoft training and certification. Want to learn more about the benefits of Microsoft training in Cyprus? Take a look:

Get a Job

According to recent studies, most employers believe that IT training and certifications play a crucial role when it comes to the hiring process. And these training act as a reliable predictor of a successful employee. Microsoft training certifications can send your resume to the top of the lot specifically if you hold certifications that are in demand like Microsoft training. 

Gain Promotion and a Boost in Your Salary

If you have been waiting for a promotion or a bigger paycheck, Microsoft training certifications can help you with it. A Microsoft certification entails your expertise in the technology along with your commitment to the company. It will help you stay on the top in the IT field, which is an ever-changing one!

Retain Your Current Position

Want to retain your current position intact? Microsoft training can help you keep your current position. Invest in Microsoft training and increase your value to your company. Your knowledge and skills will save your job even during the hard times in your organization.

Access Networking Opportunities

When you earn a Microsoft training certification it will put you in good company, such as a group of professionals skilled in a particular technology. It can be an invaluable career-long resource when you seek specific technical advice or face any sort of problem.

Get Your Professional Credibility Enhanced

Imagine you are proposing a solution to a problem within your area of expertise, but it is not implemented. Then all of a sudden when the same solution is proposed by someone else and it gets implemented. It feels bad right? This happens mostly because the other person has increased credibility because of their certifications and specialist designations. With Microsoft training and certification, you can gain that increased credibility making your professional opinions matter and carry weight in the decision-making process. 

And if you are an employer then with a certification you can help your employees up-skill with a Microsoft training program. Ultimately you will be working with knowledgeable employees, which will improve the productivity of your organization to a great extent. Besides that, you will be able to get more clients as they will find you more reliable and knowledgeable. 


SCP Academy offers comprehensive Microsoft training in Cyprus. To know more about the certifications and courses visit https://scp.ac.cy/course-category/microsoft/

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